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Thank you for visiting my coaching page!!

My mom & me Christmas 2000
When I was a teenager my mom would pick me up from my part-time job and, on the short drive home, we would talk through the plans for the rest of the day. I remember a point at which I realized that what my mom really needed from me was not to come up with the plan, but to allow her to process her thoughts verbally, she just needed to talk it out, she needed someone who could help her talk through her own thoughts. 

That is what I want to be for you. 


Are you feeling overwhelmed with life right now? Maybe you could use someone to talk through the rhythm of your days and someone who you can help you process what is dragging you down. 

Are you feeling stuck with your writing project?   Maybe you would like someone to help you work through the organization of a chapter, or help you to nail down your outline. 

Do you need a little bit of help getting started with a creative project? Maybe it would help you to sit down with someone to help you organize your thoughts and get going! 

Do you need some help finishing up your creative project? Maybe you need someone to hold you accountable, and who can provide some encouragement as you work on your project.

This is what I want to be for you.

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As someone who has received coaching I believe wholeheartedly in the power of the coaching relationship. I left every coaching call with the feeling that I had learned something about myself and feeling so very encouraged. My coach told me the positive things that she saw in me and helped me celebrate even my baby-steps of growth.

Why coaching? 
Sometimes we need therapy - we need to sit with a licensed therapist or counselor to work through our trauma.

Sometimes we need life-coaching - we are in a season of transition or are unclear about our life-goals. Or we need to sit with a nutritionist or a trainer to help us figure out what we need.

Sometimes though, we just need some accountability and someone to encourage us in working out our goals.

That is what I want to be for you.

If you have a dream, burning inside of you, waiting to get out, but you are unclear about how to take that first step, or you have stalled out trying to take your first steps - let's talk!

Thank you for visiting my coaching page!!


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