Along the Way

It started with a text conversation... and becaome a Bible Study for our small group. We wrote it in the tiny little bits of free time, carved out between taking care of our kids and doing regular life. It was a bunch of late nights and a handful of long afternoon conversations.

Along the Way is a study about how God meets with us and changes us along the way. It is about the mountain-top moments we have with God and all of the valley and wilderness moments in between.

Along the Way is a study about:
Noah who learned about the blessing of day-after-day obedience.
Abraham who was called to believe impossible promises.
Jacob who was a dreamer, and who wrestled with God.
Moses who learned who God is and who God called him to be.
Elijah who learned about what it meant to exercise great faith and to experience intense exhaustion, Jonah who was stubborn and who learned first-hand about repentance.
Mary who learned that being blessed doesn't always look like what we think it will.
Peter who learned what it means to be tested.
John who is the ultimate example of how to live after a mountain-top moment.

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