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Monday, September 24, 2018

Weekend recap vol 4

This week has been exhausting.


My daughter took this photo of me yesterday and I really love it.

What I've been thinking:

This week was my brother's birthday. In the years since he died, I expected that the loss would grow easier. Instead, it's been harder. I have been grieving for all of the things he missed in all of the years he has been gone. I found myself wanting to rush through the grief - like it was a lake I had to cross -and I wanted to speed-boat my way across the lake. I wanted to say to myself "self, I will give you one day to be sad about this but tomorrow you've got to move on." Yeah, that totally didn't work. Instead, I had to simply let myself be sad for as long as I was sad. I had to go more slowly and work harder to be gentle. Eventually, the week got better. I feel better and ready to move forward.

What I've been reading:

I'm still reading my pre-release copy of The Ministry of Ordinary Places and I don't want it to end. It's been so good. So challenging to my ideas about poverty and privilege. It's exposing my discontentment, insecurity, and big fears.  It's been one of my favorite books of this year so far in the women's Christian living category. Check out the pre-order gifts and download the first chapter here.

A Man Called Ove - has surprised me with how much I have enjoyed it. I'm late to the party on this one but I can see why these novels are so beloved. It's unlike anything I've usually read. It's hard to describe. I love how simple the writing is. Sensitivity warnings: it's got quite a bit more language than what I usually read or recommend, however, I feel like it's consistent with the character and I haven't found it offensive though I feel like some readers will. Also, one of the main themes of the book is the main character plotting his suicide. So far each attempt has been thwarted and my general feeling about this story is that he will rediscover his desire to be alive, but I could be wrong. I'm still only 1/3 of the way through it.

What I've been listening to:

Lady Antebellum's new album Heartbreak. Blame it on Annie Downs mentioning them (again) on Instagram and a piece of my heart that never moved on from my love for country/pop music. This album has been so fun to listen to and I especially love the song Big Love In a Small Town. Especially since they are from my "small town" and while some of the details of the song are countryfied it's still so heart-wrenching.
Most of the week I've been listening to Sleeping at Last's collection of songs based on the Enneagram types. I've also been listening to their album "The Spring"
I've also been throwing it way back with a little bit of Simon & Garfunkel. My favorite album is "Parsley Sage, Rosemary and Thyme" mostly because it's the album my dad played when I was little.


This week I've been taking care of myself by buying pre-packaged salads and smoothies -  I could make them, I know, but sometimes a good choice is better than nothing.
I've also been enjoying the #10thingstotellyou Instagram challenge.

Sometimes these posts will include affiliate links. Sometimes they won't. The purpose of the links is so that you can quickly and easily find the products I'm referring to and add them to your lists. If you happen to click an affiliate link and make a purchase I get a few cents in commission. I'm supposed to let you know that ;)

Saturday, September 15, 2018

weekend re-cap vol 3

Hello lovely friend,

Thank you for taking a moment to pop into my little corner of the big wide internet. I really do appreciate you.

So this week things went very differently than how I expected them to go. My husband had to go out of town suddenly on Sunday and has been in and out of town. This will possibly be the new normal for awhile and there's nothing really that I can do other than hold down the fort and be a good listener. This has been surprisingly exhausting emotionally.  So I'm over here a bit like an exposed nerve, all big feelings, and raw emotions.

What I have been reading 

I have done very little reading. I hated all of the novels I checked out. I have a couple of books that I need to finish up to review, but my inner rebel is fighting hard against my demanding/accommodating side. That being said. I have no books to recommend this week. Sorry.

What I have been listening to 

Today it was Annie Downs podcast "That Sounds Fun" interview with Jonathan Merrit and it had me in tears. I listened to it this evening as I made dinner, and I was laughing, crying and nodding along the whole way through. Now I need to read his new book.  (Speaking of new books you can also pre-order Annie's new book and get a code for a FREE audiobook.) While we're on the topic of books to pre-order (or is it only me?) you can pre-order a copy of Hayley Morgan's new book Preach to Yourself is available for pre-order and her pre-order bonuses look amazing. You can also download her free devotional Pennies are for Wishing - trade your shiny faith for real spiritual riches.

I started listening to the podcast From the Front Porch and if you are a book nerd like me you probably already listen to this one, but on the off chance that you don't go try it out. I loved their episode about PG lit because that is very much in my lane.

I have mostly been listening to my "Confessions of a Roadkill Christian" playlist this week which contains an awful lot of throwback tunes like "Held" by Natalie Grant and "I Am" by Nicole Nordman. I even threw it way back and added "Somewhere In the World" by Wayne Watson. I cry just about every time I hear that song now.

Instagram's "sponsored post" algorithms got me, and I am so here for it. They found my weakness - trailers for artsy movies. I got so many good ones in my feed last weekend. One of my favorite lines from the trailer for the upcoming movie "The Favourite" is this one: "I am on my side" I've added it to the stock pot on the back burner of my mind and am still sorting out if I love this line or hate it. I'm kind of thinking I love it because as someone with a generally peaceful (aka passive) personality being on my own side is something I don't always practice well.

In book news: 

Okay, I know that in Vol 1 of my weekend re-cap I said that I was not going to share book news in this space. I meant what I said at the time. Today I have just a tiny bit of book news.

I feel a bit like the boy who cried wolf. I have said "it's done!" so many times before. But the files are off at Amazon waiting to be reviewed and it is possible that my book will be ready to purchase within the week. We'll see. If you want the BIG NEWS of when my book is finally ready to order you want to sign up for my newsletter.

I pretty much want to just push the book into somebody's hands and say "this isn't mine anymore" and go hide under a rock. Self-publishing is not for the faint of heart - that is for sure. Neither is memoir-writing. It's just so very deeply personal and at the moment I am so very aware of how imperfect my book is. I wish I could have told my story more vividly, with more detail. I wish I had been maybe less preachy. If you'd like to preview the first couple of chapters you can click here and get a preview of my book. And if you are praying for me and my book at all please pray for me as I tackle the study guide that I've been trying to write since, like last November. If you feel like being my guinea pig and looking through the study guide for me and giving some feedback - DM me and I'll send you a file ASAP.

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Weekend re-cap: vol 2

Welcome to weekend re-cap vol 2. Where I attempt to leave little bread-crumbs of encouraging thoughts and book recommendations...

This week began with a long weekendand celebrating Grayson’s 3rd birthday. I went into labor with him, ironically enough, on Labor Day and it felt so fun to celebrate his birthday on Labor Day, (even if his actual birth-date isn’t till later in the week). We were given tickets to a small water park called “Splash in the Boro” in Statesboro, GA and it was a magnificent day. The park was just small enough that I felt confident that no one was going to get lost, and Daniel and I were tag teaming like pros. Everyone was happy. I went on exactly one ride and screamed involuntarily the entire time. I’m glad I tried, but I loved sitting with Grayson at the splash pad in his six inches of water and being an anchor to my family.

When we were discussing going to the water park I mentioned to Daniel that it might not be a good idea because we were heading into the weekend pretty worn out and I worried that it might be too much to have a big fun day in the sun. While I’m super glad we went, I feel like I was right about the exhaustion levels at the house.

This week I have had moments of feeling super frustrated with myself because of how exhausted I have been. Like I just want to roll my eyes at myself and be all like “really? Really. You need an entire week to recover? What is wrong with you?” I wrote a whole book (albeit a short one) on shame. Yet I still find myself shaming myself. But the answer comes like a gentle, fierce mother “nothing is wrong with you or your need for extra rest. This is how you are and how you are is fine.” 

What I’ve been thinking... 

Changing my posture towards the ordinary moments of my day. 

Last week I found myself practically in tears over the agony of car-line and I began to pray that God would give me grace, wisdom, revelation and strategy for this season of my life to know how to transform those moments into something life-giving rather that life-draining.

Yesterday as I began looking around the corner of my day I found myself looking forward to getting into car line. Grayson has been napping, Eli has been reading quietly. I read a book or catch up on emails or even just scroll through Instagram. It’s quiet, it’s calm and it is becoming one of my favorite moments in the day. I haven’t changed a lot or practiced this “change of posture” perfectly. But the little change has made a big difference.

I’ve been trying to put into practice a habit of writing down what I do to take care of myself. It might be eating an apple or sitting outside in the morning. Simply writing it down is helping me see the little golden pockets of goodness in the middle of the mess and making a list about what is going well in my life is a much better list than everything that has gone wrong today.
What I’m reading:
The Ministry of Ordinary Places - I have been reading this in all of the little pockets of time and this book feels like something that is doing something deep and beautiful down deep in who I am. It's been so good so far. I'll write a full review when it comes out. You can give a gift to your future-self and pre-order it on Amazon.

Speaking of pre-orders there is a new book coming out from Annie Downs called Remember God and I can not wait to read it.

I just got a big stack of Library holds from the library so prepare yourself - next week my reading section is either going to be epic, or empty because I will not have been able to make a decision on what to read first.

What I’m watching: 

Won’t You Be My Neighbor - watched this documentary with Daniel and it brought back all kinds of childhood memories. I grew up watching Mr Rogers Neighborhood every day and I literally cried when the movie was over. It brought up all of the good memories from the best part of my young life. It made me re-think what I’m allowing to influence my children, especially what they watch, and it reaffirmed the difference that just one person can make.

The Great British Baking Show - I've been watching this on Netflix after we get home from car-pool and before I head into dinner-prep mode (or at night before bed) and it is just my speed. It touches on my inner anglophile and is a kind, quiet, human-drama driven show. Plus, baking. Yesteday I got bought some bread flour and dry yeast and could barely even make decent dinner rolls... I did initially really miss the original hosts, however now that I’m nearing the end of the show I love the quirky personalities of the new hosts and, of course, am 100% personally invested in the outcome of this next bake.

What I’m listening to: 

Lauren Daigle - I’ve been listening to her single “You Say” for weeks and finally got to listen to her new album. It reminds me a lot of Adele in all the best ways.
Sleeping at Last  album "The Spring". It's been on repeat all week long.

Favorite Instas: 

The comments on this post were just wonderful

Dear People going through things which you cannot share, 〰️ You are NOT alone. 〰️ Don’t be deceived by the shiny posts you are scrolling past. A put together picture does not mean a perfect life. So many are struggling under a crushing weight—even those with shiny looking lives. It’s tricky territory because these days, in these spaces, we share so much. We are authentic + vulnerable (buzz words, after all). However, there is a good chance that there are portions of our story in which we cannot share. Because . . . our stories are never our own. Some of you are struggling with someone else’s story because it affects you greatly, because you love deeply (yet it is not your’s to tell). 〰️ When we go through immense stress or crisis or circumstances that we cannot share it can feel very isolating. Like the whole world is still spinning and carrying on as usual, but for you it has titled, off axis, and you wonder if anyone even notices. 〰️ If this doesn’t make sense, then it won’t. But for some of you it will make great sense and I just want to tell you today that you are not alone. I notice. I may not personally know you or know your story, but I recognize that your world has shifted. I empathize with your pain and the hard work you are putting in to process the pain and become a stronger person. 〰️ You are meant to become stronger. Not shinier. 〰️ There is nothing wrong with shiny. I love shiny. I post a good amount of shiny photos. Beauty, in many forms, has helped to heal my broken-heart. Beauty, after-all, is what God offered us at the beginning. 〰️ But shiny is not the goal or the marker that tells us we are doing well or that life is normal, as it should be. The older I get the more I realize that life is not normal. My goal is no longer to appear normal or shiny but rather to have a healthy heart and become stronger than I was the day before. Strong people aren’t concerned about appearing shiny. The are concerned about being a light to the broken—noticing them, calling out their breaks, so they can, then, call out their breakthroughs. 〰️ Broken one, who may not be able to share what has broken you. I see your break. I also see your breakthrough!
A post shared by Trina McNeilly / La La Lovely (@trina_mcneilly) on

To all my worn out mama-friends. It is okay to not be okay today. It is okay to be utterly exhausted. It is okay to say “I’d love to, just maybe next week.” It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to need help. It’s okay to order pizza for dinner, or whatever brings some comfort and ease to tonight. It’s okay to put on a movie and snuggle. It’s okay to need to get out of the house for a bit. It’s okay to not be firing on all cylinders right now. It’s okay to not be all guns-blazing. It’s okay to just sit here for a bit. It’s okay that you’re wondering how you are going to get it all done. It’s okay if some things get left undone. It’s okay to just need to cry for a minute. It’s okay to not have words for all the feelings of today. It’s okay to be overwhelmed and exhausted by the good good things in your life. It’s okay to need to pause in the middle of it all, just to catch your breath.
A post shared by faith ann raider (@faithraider) on

This is me at 18 years old, not long after my oldest was born. This morning I had some thoughts about what I wish I could say to that young mama and I finally found a moment to write them down. They’re not all profound, I just figured that since I can’t go back in time to tell my younger self I could still share in case anyone younger is listening... 1. You know more than you give yourself credit for. You know how to listen to yourself. You know how to listen to your baby. You love your husband with an ocean of love, deep and wide. I know you feel like you don’t know anything, I know that your heart longs to hear the words “you’re doing a good job” but instead the words around you are “too much” and “not enough”. Let me tell you something - you are going to mess some stuff up, you are going to change your mind and change directions more than once. You are a very imperfect person, but you are a really good mom. You know more than you give yourself credit for and you need to have confidence that you are a really good mom, doing the best you can, which is all any of us can do. 2. You know less than you realize. Why do you feel like you “ought” to have arrived? Or that you “ought” to know everything you need to know? In your twenties you are an expert at nothing, student of everything. Be a good student of motherhood, life, love. Embrace this season of learning. Ask questions. Gather mentors. Look for ways to help the older women, stop being so ashamed to ask for help. You need it. It can be hard, the women around you seem so busy. Don’t give up. Keep asking, keep seeking, keep inviting. 3. You are beautiful. 4. Eat the ice cream.
A post shared by faith ann raider (@faithraider) on

One Thing I’d Like to Know: 

Last week I asked - to Pumpkin Spice or not to pumpkin spice and I loved reading your answers! Here is my answer: I LOVE pumpkin spice. I am just not a fan of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. (If I want a treat (or have a reward) I'll order an iced caramel macchiato or a hot salted caramel mocha.) Give me all of the candles, muffin breads and what have you. I make pumpkin spice muffins often when the weather is cool enough (so, like in January). Once the Pumpkin Spice Kim's Cupcakes go on sale my Thanksgiving has been made.

This week's One Thing I'd Like To Know: do you listen to other people's playlists? If you do where would you want it to be? I have got a public playlist on iTunes (for my book) which you can add to your playlist library. I'm thinking I could make one on Spotify as well but I’d love to know if that is something you’re really into... or not.

Also... this week Grayson - who has up to this point only been marginally interested in potty training, (and trust me, the feeling is mutual, what with all of his bladder surgeries - I figured it would be horrendous) has decided to potty train himself. I have heard of this happening but it has never, ever, not once in my history of potty training his five older siblings, has this happened to me. He has been stripping himself down every day so I've put him in some underwear and randomly try to remember to ask him if he needs to pee. It isn't going great, but it's also not been too horrible either. If you have any tips - I'd welcome them - there's always more to learn!

These posts will usually include Amazon links - sometimes they'll be affiliate links, sometimes not.  This post contains affiliate links. If you happen to buy something I've linked to I get a small commission for the sale and you don't pay any extra. 

Friday, September 7, 2018

The Math of Motherhood

Have I told you lately? I am in a crazy season of motherhood. At our house, we are currently both practicing driving and about to wean the baby. I have two in High School, one in middle school, one at a charter school, on is homeschooled and then there is the baby, who turns two today. There is no way to say this simply or quickly. I try to shorten this for the sake of the person listening to me - lots of kid in lots of different stages. Okay? 

But the reality is that this is crazy for me. A lot of the time it feels normal. This is our normal, right? A lot of the time this even feels beautiful - because it is. When everyone is getting along and my older ones are helping out and my younger ones are being snuggly and cute - it is magic. Then there are other times when I catch a glimpse of our life and I think - whoa, our life is crazy. 

A couple of weeks ago, in a moment of clarity, I realized that I have been really frustrated lately and mostly that is because of this one thing: the math of motherhood.

I want two plus two to equal four. News flash - it doesn't. Most days two plus two equals one today, maybe another one in a couple of weeks. In the moment ugh it feels so unfair.

I want love plus understanding to equal reciprocated love and understanding. I love my kids fiercely. I try to understand them. I give them boundaries because I love them and I want what is best for them. I want them to be their best selves. I want to help them to get out of their own way.

They don't see this as a perk. They don't get it. Because they are kids duh. I have had to release the expectation that my kids are going to understand me. I want one plus one to equal two. I want two plus two to equal four.

In motherhood - that's not the case, like ever. Two plus two equals one today, another one in a couple of weeks and then another one, and another one, and another one, and another one...

The math of motherhood is a long game. It is an investment that yields long, slow returns, but the returns far exceed the deposits.  Two plus two equals one today, one tomorrow, one the next day and the next day... it does not equal four. It equals more than four. Just not today.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

This week re-cap

As I sit down to begin this post this quote comes to mind:

We are back to school with a vengeance here in the Deep South. I have already nearly cried over all of the school paperwork we had to fill out and we have already had meltdowns regarding homework. A bunch of my friends and bloggers have been sending out their “what I learned this summer” posts and I’ve got nothin'. What did I learn this summer? To be honest, I have no idea what, if anything, I learned. I haven’t been keeping a list.

Summer was a fairly ordinary mix of wonderful and sucky. I was sick on and off for nearly the entire month of June which was a spectacularly miserable lesson in weakness, boundaries, saying no and asking for help. But we also had some lovely, day-trips. I struggled with my mental health over the summer, but we have also seen a lot of things come full circle - an answer to a lot of prayers.

So I’m thinking I want to begin the practice of a weekend re-cap. Short and sweet. A thought - only posted here - and a little bit about what I’m reading/watching/listening to. This one is going to be a little longer because I want to throw in a couple things into this list from the summer.

What I’ve Been Thinking...

This season I have struggled with a serious case of overwhelm. When school first started I was walking around in a near constant state of panic with the thought “there are too many moving pieces” reverbing through my brain. The answer to that fear has been grace - there is grace for when I mess up, and making a mistake isn’t GAME OVER. There’s life after failure, big and small, and making a mistake, forgetting something, running late - these are embarrassing and frustrating but not the end of the world.  I have started a couple practices that are helping me. For one, putting every appointment into my calendar on my phone. For another, I try to write out a list of everything that needs to happen on a busy day. That way there are not random pieces of information pin-balling around in my brain.

I’ve also had an overwhelming feeling that there is more to do every day than I have hours. There are kids to be taken hither thither and yon, picked up, dropped off, forms to be signed, checklists to be checked off. I have been in a perpetual state of overstimulation and overwhelm since the school year began, and while I’m working on trying to increase my capacity I’m also trying to adjust my mindset. So far two things have helped - one this post by Holly Gerth reminding me that I am already loved. All of this running around and list-checking-off has nothing to do with my lovability. I am fully loved by God simply as a result of existing.  I’ve also been trying to adjust my mindset in some of the most mundane parts of my day, trying to open my eyes to how God wants to meet me in these moments.

What I’ve Been Watching

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before - I watched this on Netflix with my teenage girls. I gave them a hard time about watching this but then I watched it and now realize what all of the hype is about - seriously though, love this movie or hate it, if you have teenage girls you need to watch this because everyone seems to be talking about it. The movie is based on the first book of a trilogy by by Jenny Han.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - Does it go without saying that this Netflix movie is perfection? The only thing I don’t understand is why I haven’t watched it again yet. I loved everything about this movie. I couldn't get into the book (gasp) I know, a bunch of my friends love the book. I didn't. Now I want to read the book.

When We First Met (Netflix movie) I was kinda nervous about watching this, but it was late and I couldn't sleep - and I'm not sorrry I did. It was so much better than I thought it would be. A fun movie about a guy who travels back in time to re-do the first time he met the girl of his dreams. It's cheezy and predictable but I loved the ending.

Set It Up This is a Netflix movie I watched late at night over the summer and I watched it at least three times in the span of a week. There’s just something about this movie that I loved. (It has about the same maturity/content as Heart of Dixie). It’s about these two assistants setting their bosses up romantically so that they can Have some time off of work and in the process obviously, inevitably fall for each other. It is pretty stupid, totally obvious and predictable and perfectly romantic.

Crazy Rich Asians
I went to see this in the theater by myself for my birthday. It was super sweet and SO funny! Like Pride & Prejudice goes to Singapore. I am trying to find some time to take my teens to see this.

Ugly Delicious 
A Netflix documentary series. I watched this while I was sick and it is amazing.  It's not appropriate for little ears but it's such a satisfying watch. Each episode tackles a different category of comfort food - tacos, pizza, dumplings etc. I watched the whole series twice - but like I said, I was sick.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
It’s a TV show on Amazon Prime about the journey of a female comedian - an intelligent, well-educated, Jewish housewife whose husband leaves her for his secretary. After which she has an epic, drunken, on-stage breakdown in the form of a comedy act. It’s rated MA for a couple scenes of brief nudity in the first episode and adult language throughout. 

Anne with an E
A TV series on Netflix. I get why the haters hate this, but I also get why the lovers love this show. I especially did not like the first couple of episodes of season 2 but in my opinion, it definitely got better. There's a lot of liberties taken with the story and it's overall darker than the books or any of the re-makes. But especially after watching another re-make I appreciate the production quality and good acting.

On deck for September - The Great British Baking Show on Netflix and Amazon's Jack Ryan series.

What I’ve Been Reading

Everyone Always by Bob Goff
Short chapters on being a Jesus-follower and loving people well. For the first half of the book, each new chapter was my new favorite chapter, after the midpoint, however, that I had a few moments when I felt a little annoyed. Overall I feel like I could read it every day and still have something to learn.

The Ministry of Ordinary Places by Shannon Martin
I have tried to back off of the book-launch scene, what with my life getting pretty hectic lately (see above) and my own book launch coming up around the corner. However when I saw the opportunity to apply for Shannon Martin’s book launch team I jumped at the opportunity. To be honest, I don’t know Shannon Martin’s work much at all beyond that she is a friend of Emily Freeman (and anyone who is a friend of Emily Freeman is a friend of mine)but the cover of her book is so inviting and that sub-title speaks to me so deeply. As a member of the launch team I received an advanced readers copy of this book and I know that reviews from launch-team members can be overly-effervescent but it is no exaggeration when I say that this is the best Women’s Spiritual Nonfiction that I have read all year. And we are pretty far along in this year. So far I’ve enjoyed The Ministry of Ordinary Places for two reasons - one is because of the topic - I love the idea of coming alive to God’s presence in the ordinary and mundane places of my life. The other is simply the writing style. It’s not overly poetic or overly to the point. I’m trying to think of who I could compare her to and I’m comping up empty. So if you’re on the fence my advice is go download the sample chapters and see for yourself. I think you’ll fall in love with Shannon Martin’s writing as I have.

I’ve been in a bit of a fiction funk. I have half a dozen books on my shelf that I could be reading, maybe Anne of Green Gables or Kate Morton’s the Secret Keeper but I haven’t made room in my life for reading fiction and haven’t been particularly motivated to begin a novel that I may or may not have already started and abandoned.  So if you've got any suggestions feel free to send them my way.

What I’ve Listening To:


Typically I have very little space in my life for extra-noise but these have been fun to listen to while I return to making actual dinners instead of turkey-wraps and bowls of cereal. My husband has been listening to some (way more serious) podcasts on the Enneagram and this has lead to some really great conversations. I have been listening to these super fun podcasts.
The No Chill Enneagram - I have laughed untill I cried listening to this podcast.
The Enneacast


Here are some of my favorites from the summer:
Steffany Gretzinger's new album "Blackout" - on repeat all summer long.
Favorite song on this album: “Confident”
Lauren Daigle’s New Single “You Say”
“Mistakes” - by Influence Music
“Ashes” from the Deadpool 2 Soundtrack
“Inside Out - Original motion picture soundtrack”
“III” - Hillsong Young & Free
The trio Sleeping at Last - especially the album “The Spring”
This artist is new to me but quickly soared to the top of my playlist. I especially love their instrumental stuff right now. There are also songs for Enneagram types on iTunes and YouTube.
Oldies that have been on repeat lately:
John Mayer especially the album “Room for Squares” and the song “In the Blood”
Cranberries especially the album “everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we”

FYI: the song in this scene is "Dreams" from the Cranberries.

Book News

There’s not much to report on the book news front. I’ve been plodding away through the editing/formatting swamp I have found myself in.

All I know is that I am closer to the side of being ready to print than I was before summer. I am thankful for the technology that allows me to self-publish but I’m increasingly thankful traditional publishing houses. They earn their money y’all. I’ll be limiting most of my book news to my newsletter. So if you’d like to stay up to date on how all the book stuff is going - that’s is the place to be!

One thing I’d like to know
If you have made it this far you are my new favorite person!! Here's my one thing I'd like to know: to pumpkin spice or not to pumpkin spice. Do you? And if you you how do you like your pumpkin spice? I’ll let you know my answer next week. Also, I promise there will (probably) not be as many gifs in the next re-cap.

P.S. Sometimes posts like this one will contain affiliate links... this post doesn't.