a meditation on Psalm 26 & 27

 Daddy-God - I choose you.
Don't let this be all for nothing!
I am putting all of my eggs in one basket - you.
Don't let my hope be put to shame!
I'll walk in your steadfast love & faithfulness
your love in front of my eyes
I will fill my mouth with thanksgiving
I won't forget all fo the way that you have not failed me

I love your presence in corporate worship
I love your presence when I worship at home
I will bless you
because you are the light in my darkness
you are my salvation - whom shall I fear?
You are the light in my darkness, you are my salvation.
You are the stronghold of my life.
You are a strong tower of refuge
When I'm freaking out
So I don't have to be afraid of anyone or anything.
when Satan and his minions attack me from every side
I don't have a single thing to fear because I can be confident in you, my God

This is the thing I'm asking for
at the top of my wishlist
at the top of my to-do list every day
to spend time with you
in your presence
experiencing the beauty of your Lord

You hide me in your tent
you put my feet on a rock
you fill me with joy
I will sing your praise

Please, Daddy-God, let me know that you hear me when I pray
You say to me "seek my face" and I say back to you "I am seeking you!"
Please don't hide your face from me.
You are the only one who has not ever abandoned me
I need you
Please don't disappoint me

I believe you when you say to me that I will see your goodness before I die. So I will wait for you
for your time and way and place. I trust you. I won't be afraid. I'm waiting on you.


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