a meditation on Psalm 25

I'm lifting up my soul to you
for your presence
for your comfort
for your wisdom

I don't want to get to the end of the day
and hang my head in shame
I don't want everything I have trusted in
to turn out to be a false hope
I don't want to be full-steam ahead
in the wrong direction
Show me the way to go.
Open my eyes to Your truth
Help me see things from Your point of view

Forgive me for rolling in the mud
when you have clothed me in a wedding gown of grace

You have covered me, head to toe, in your love
You stretch out to embrace me
from my first day to my last
you embrace me
like a friend
You show up in the nick of time
just as I'm about to set it all up in flames.

Please reveal your presence to me
I'm waiting for you
I've been waiting
You know I've been distracted
I'm paying attention now
Please - don't leave me hanging
I know I've messed up,
but here I sit, waiting for you.
I'll wait as long as it takes
I'm listening


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