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Saturday, September 9, 2017

A few book recommendation for this long rainy weekend


Here in Augusta, we have a day (or maybe two) before whatever is left of hurricane Irma sends keeps us at home. School is already canceled for Monday and I'm mentally preparing for the possibility of being home on Tuesday too. My main hope for this weekend is to make a dent in my (totally out of control) To Be Read pile.

Earlier today I went live on my Instagram to give you a few ideas of what you might enjoy reading over this rainy weekend

Loving my Actual Christmas (currently only $7.40 on Amazon!!)
Because Christmas is around the corner, and sometimes it is most definitely not the most wonderful time of the year.

Reading People
Because not everyone sees the world the same way that you do.

Deeper Waters
Because life is just better when we draw closer to God through His Word.

Brave is the new Beautiful
Becuase "beautiful" is more than just a size.
She also wrote Table in the Darkness about her healing journey through an eating disorder

Fear Fighting
Becuase it is time to get out of the swampy place of fear and anxiety.

Never Unfriended
Because the key to finding the friend you want is being the friend you want.
Companion Bible Study: We Save You a Seat

its not fair: learning to love the life you didn't choose
Because sometimes life is really really not fair, and sometimes you just need a girlfriend who has "been there, done that" to be honest with you about when life does not go as expected.

Looking for Lovely
Companion Bible Study & Bible Study for Teen Girls
by Emily Freeman: simply tuesday & a million little ways
also Simply Tuesday Coloring Book & Grace for the Good Girl

out of sorts
Because now more than ever we need to talk about the evolution of faith.

sacred marriage by Gary Thomas
Because marriage is more about holiness than happiness.
also by Gary Thomas: cherish

I'll be posting about more Christian new releases soon! 

I didn't have time to mention some of the fiction books I've read from the Library. If you're looking for a light clean novel to download onto your Kindle or request from the Library here are a few I enjoyed:

Finding Audrey
Sophie Kinsella is the queen of chick-lit and this one is my favorite - it's also the cleanest of her novels (that I have read so far). It is about a teen coping with anxiety after an undescribed incident at school and it is just so good. I read it quickly and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Close Enough to Touch
Here is the basic plot: Jubilee Jenkins is allergic to human touch. She is working in a library which is where she meets Eric and his adopted son (who happens to be my favorite character of the whole book). It has light romance, lots of books and mainly happens in a library. So obviously, I loved it.
Side note: the cover on Amazon looks different than the cover of the one that I checked out of my library.

Ginny Moon 
If you have asked me for a book recommendation in the last six months this is probably the first one that I suggested because I love this book. It is about Ginny - a girl with autism who was recently adopted. She is obsessed with her "baby doll" who she left in a suitcase under her bed at her apartment when the police took her away from her negligent mother and string of abusive boyfriends, but it becomes increasingly obvious that her "baby doll" was actually her baby sister. This book is everything I wanted it to be. I wanted to read it as fast as possible. I wanted to know what happened to Baby Doll. My heart broke for Ginny and her adoptive mom as they struggled to work through their relationship. It was nice to read something not romantic or dark or too deep.

Today Will Be Different
To be honest I didn't love "Where'd You Go Bernadette: a Novel" (by the same author) but I loved this one. It is about a middle-aged woman who is struggling with depression, feeling creatively stuck and suspicions about her husband's recent behavior. It is a terrific read and has a satisfying ending.

for more fiction suggestions read my fiction blog

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