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Sunday, August 13, 2017

So what is up with this whole blogging thing?

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So I wrote the other day about this blogging webinar I sat through... and I wanted to share a few thoughts I had about blogging and life as a busy mama. So as it this webinar was coming up I walked outside with Grayson and we took a few deep breaths, and laughed in the sunshine as he jumped on our trampoline. And I thought about blogging and what I hoped to get out of this webinar.

It seems like if you are a blogger you can not open Facebook without seeing about a million and a half ads telling you they they can increase your traffic, help you launch that successful course, host that webinar, build that list. And y'all it is just so overwhelming and exhausting to me.

And as I was standing out there in the sunshine I had this realization: having a huge blog that pays all of the bills around here is not what God has called me to do.

Now I realize that a blog and an email list is part of the business of publishing a book. But you can have a successful book launch without a massively popular blog. I'm not saying I don't want to write a blog - I do. I am just saying that I finally realize that it's just a means to an end. Not the end in and of itself.

What God has called me to do is this: love people.
First my family - my hubs and these awesome six little (and not so little anymore) people. Then the small circle of people who are my real-life friends. These are the friends I love with words but mostly with listening, and speaking and hugging and texting.

Then I love with words. Mostly in a file on my computer at the moment, but one day with books. And the point of the books is still to love people. The point of this blog is simply to love one word and picture at a time: to shine light, to display beauty, to be authentic and vulnerable. To share what I'm learning at the moment as best as I can.

Blogging is a beast. It can chew you up and spit you out in a minute. Blogging can be insanely frustrating and disappointing and all that plus a little. It can be tempting and can warp your self-image in a hot-minute.

Writing is my calling. I didn't ask God to make my a writerly soul - but he did. With my own unique perspective and experience and place in this journey and my own little splinter of His image - and I want to display His beauty as bravely as I possibly can.

So in case you were wondering, and I know you probably weren't but I'm writing it here anyway, this is why I'm blogging.

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