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Monday, June 5, 2017

Kid Lit Book Review: Can you Find My Robot's Arm?

There is a time in the life our young child, as they are learning to enjoy the wonderful things that we call books, when all they want is books with only a few words on each page. This can be a challenging stage and we tend to either read a lot of really boring books and/or we end up reading the same few over and over and over until we can pretty much "read" without so much as look at the page. Well, let me introduce you to a newcomer to your children's bookshelf. It is called  Can You Find My Robot's Arm? - it is by Chihiro Takeuchi and it features beautiful hand-cut paper illustrations.

The story follows a young robot who has lost his arm. The robot and it's small friend search around town -  in the garden, at the candy store,  the amusement park, the aquarium - trying to find a suitable replacement for the robot's arm. Each illustration is intricate and interesting - sure to capture the imagination of the robot-loving and detail-loving child. Each page is simple and can be read quickly. Each illustration is beautifully intricate. You can pre-order the book on Amazon - it releases July 4.

I received a digital copy of this book from for the purpose of this review. Links to Amazon are affiliate links. Thank you for supporting my blog! If you want to see what I'm reading to my kids right now then be sure to follow me on Instagram! 


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