Book Review: Never Unfriended by Lisa-Jo Baker

Friendship has been one of the most powerful forces in my life, and my friendships with other women have influenced who I have become second only to my husband and kids, but friendship, especially friendships with other women, aren't always easy. In fact it often is the opposite of easy. Never Unfriended by Lisa-Jo Baker dives into the heartbreak and glory of friendships by sharing the stories of her failures and successes in friendship.

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I love that in Never Unfriended Lisa-Jo Baker is honest about the messiness of friendship but she is also hopeful and practical. This, for me, is the trifecta of Christian women's writing. Honest, Hopeful, & Practical. This isn't just a series of meditations on friendships with no "now-what?" this is a practical how-to for navigating the minefields of friendship.

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The essence of the book is this - how do you become the friend you have always wanted? How do you become the friend that is "never unfriended" because you are that friend other women have always wanted. Ever chapter of Never Unfriended is relatable and easy to read yet powerfully insightful and I wanted to highlight practically every page.

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