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Friday, February 3, 2017

Weekend link-up

Some people have said that blogging is dead and for awhile I have believed them. I don't any more. Blogging is still here and here to stay, at least for awhile longer. It's changed a lot, at least it feels that way to me, but it's still here...

This year on my blog my one goal is to give more than I ask and one way to do that is to provide a place where we can link up to read each other's posts. I know we do that in Facebook groups sometimes, am I being old-fashioned? Maybe. But here is a place to leave your link - you can link to your favorite post that you wrote this week, or write a post with links you've found and random bits of life, because I find that it is often the random bits that connect us, that make us feel like actual friends out here on the big wide world web.

This week I finished "Today will be different" by Maria Semple and it was so very good. I honestly enjoyed it from cover to cover and highly recommend it if you're looking for some clean, interesting, new fiction.

My husband and I have started watching Colony. Season one is on Netflix and Season two is airing now. It's about a family after an alien invasion - cool thing is - no one has ever seen the aliens. It's a good mix of emotional + action for us. It's a solid PG-13/ TV-14 but the romantic scenes aren't in every episode.

Don't hate me but I've been listening to musicals lately. Into the Woods and LaLaLand on repeat. I have especially been enjoying this one. If you haven't seen the movie LaLaLand yet - go now. It's so good. I was worried my husband wouldn't like this style of music but he loved it. Into the Woods is my daughter Emma's favorite movie of 2016 (that's not when it came out, that's just when we watched it).

 Speaking of favorite movies - my oldest daughter Beth would say her favorite movie of 2016 was Arrival. It has just come out on DVD and I can not say enough good things about this movie. It was not as scary as I was worried it might be. It's suspenseful at times but never full-on scary. It's romantic but not gushy it's really smart and amazingly well done.

Reading with the boys
I have been feeling, for a couple of weeks now, that we had the space in our days for audio books. I have tried before to check out audio books from the library and we never get beyond disc one. Until this week. We checked out the audio book version of The Dark Talent: Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians  (here's a link to the audio book version it is actually book #5 in the series) and we have enjoyed it SO MUCH! And best of all we are already on disc 4 of 5! I wasn't sure I would like it after the first chapter but we have enjoyed it a lot. It is so hard to find books that are both appropriate and interesting for my 3rd grade boy who is an advanced reader. This one fit the bill. Now we want to go back and request book one.

New Books
In the world of Christian Women's non-fiction we have a delightful new arrival! Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen just hit shelves and from the preview on Amazon that I read it is such a gem.

Also, if you have not seen these already on Facebook Rebekah Lyons is releasing the book You Are Free soon and is offering a video series with some amazing guests - Ann VosKamp, Christy Nockles, Jess Connolly, Lysa Terkeurst, & Rachel Meyers. You don't want to miss this.

Blog Posts
I am giving away a copy of the new book Moving Forward here.

I wrote this blog post about What to do when skies are blue because as someone who suffers from the gray fog of depression a blue sky day is something precious.

My friend Jessica wrote this beautiful piece for when you feel like you are sinking.

Modern Mrs. Darcy is one of my favorite blogs. She wrote a post about decaf coffee that I saved, and thought I'd share. I never thought I would be an "unleaded" coffee drinking but I have had a growing caffeine intolerance and Grayson seemed to sleep poorly when I drank a lot of "real" coffee. So here I am. Drinking decaf coffee. This list of places to get good decaf coffee was wonderful.

Emily P. Freeman is offering a new printable on her blog! It's a What I've Learned printable organized by season. And if you're into bullet journaling, or like me are a trying it out this year, the post is fantastic. 

Your Turn
What have you been reading/watching/listening/cooking? I would really love to hear about it! Link up your post below:

The purpose of this post is to let you know what is going on in my life and share what I'm enjoying if you buy these books on Amazon through my affiliate links in this post or if you request them at your local library or borrow them from a friend the only thing I hope is that you find a good book (or movie or TV show) and enjoy reading/watching it. 


  1. Hi, Faith. I am a newcomer to your blog, but, wow, I am happy to have "found" you. Thanks for hosting a link-up, too.

    I am a fellow Jesus-lover and writer. No kiddos yet because I am right smack in the middle of divinity school at Wake Forest University in NC. One day soon, I hope. <3

    Finding friends to read and write alongside has been a lovely anchor for my writing practice. Again, thanks for inviting in from the "big wide world web." I'll share a cup of decaf e-coffee with you. :)

  2. Thanks, Faith! And from the looks of things -- depression, feeling like you're sinking, Nothing to Prove -- my post should fit right in! ❤ I appreciate the invite. This is such a cool way to connect!

  3. Into the Woods was one of my favorite movies too! I watched it in theaters and have the soundtrack. I need to listen to it again! =)