What to do when skies are blue

Yesterday was a really terrific day. I finally got enough sleep over the weekend. I had a terrific date with my husband for our anniversary. Church was so good. I felt a lot of positive energy. It was a blue-sky day for me.

Today has been pretty good too, and before the clouds roll back in I wanted to write a little bit about what I am doing right now so I don't forget and so that whoever is reading this might be encouraged.

Keep on Worshipping 
I know you were listening to that worship music when you could barely make it from point A to point B in your dark days. Keep on listening to worship music. Listen to it and worship from a place of healing and light. Worship isn't only for the blue sky days and it isn't only for the dark and rainy days. It is for every day.

Make Healthy Choices
The dark days can creep up from out of the blue with no reason or warning, but sometimes they come at me because I'm being reckless with my health. Here on these blue sky days I'm filling my plate with the food that bring me life, not just satisfy a craving. I'm trying to remind myself to sleep properly and get out of the house, to make healthy choices about social media and screen time and to keep connected to my people.

Plan For More Healthy Choices
A blue sky day is a good day to get some planning done with that awful brain fog out of the way. Now is a good time to figure out how to keep this going, even when the fog rolls back in. Now is a good time to make some good choices that will pay off down the line and plan for more healthy choices even when I don't feel like it. I have the energy now. I need to use it wisely.

Spread Love
When you're in a funk sometimes you get a little overly-introspective. Don't forget to look up and around you and spread love. Send that text, write that email, drop that card in the mail. Give back to the people who are there for you when you're not quite all there. Spread love and throw hope around like confetti - they may be the bread crumbs that bring you back home when things get bad again.

Hoard Truth
Now is prime time to soak up just as much truth as you possible can. Listen to it, read it, speak it, write it down. Truth, truth, truth, truth. Don't waste your time on anything else. Pack it down into every corner of your soul. Lean into Truth. Seek His face. Write it down some more.

Set Up Your Ebenezer 
An Ebenezer is a rock the Israelites set up to remind themselves "this far the Lord has brought us" it was a reminder of God's faithfulness in the past and a promise of His faithfulness in the future. Those blue sky days come and they often go as quickly as they came. It is easy to forget that we even had one when they are gone. Take a walk and pick up an actual stone and set it on your windowsill. Take a picture and post it to Instagram. Keep a journal. Write about today.

Hold These Days With Open Hands
As someone who suffers from chronic mental illness the good days are never guaranteed. I used to cling to these good days for dear life. Now I hold onto them with open hands. They come and they go. I have good days and I have bad days. Sometimes I get more than one good day in a row, sometimes I only have a bad day here and there, sometimes it is really hard for a really long time. I can't always control it so I hold onto it with open hands. I remember that I was made for more than to just be comfortable.

Today is a good day. Whatever tomorrow is like God won't change.


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