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Friday, January 13, 2017

Weekend link-up

As I'm writing this my boys are burning some energy at the park. I'm standing in a corner, in a little patch of shade, with my baby who is asleep in his stroller. I'm surrounded by moms and kids but if I'm honest, I feel really lonely right now.

The internet can feel that way too - there are a lot of people on here in this blogging and social media world but it can be difficult to really connect, or to really feel that connection. This weekend link-up is to share links you found helpful/interesting and really just any random details from everyday life that don't fit elsewhere, because sharing these always makes me always feel a little less alone online.

Here's what I have to share this week: 

This week I wrote a post about new books released this January in the Christian women genre. I hope you'll check it out and let me know which ones interest you. I can write a more in-depth review for the ones I have a digital advance copy of.

Emily Freeman is giving away a coloring page (it's at the end of the post) that summarizes my life right now. I have started slowly coloring it and I'm really thankful for the reminder.

My friend Cynthia Stuckey wrote this post with an amazing dose of perspective on the feelings of being smothered by our little ones. "Some days I am a bit of sandpaper, smoothing away edges that should go. Other days I’m a thick blanket enveloping them in the understanding that they are loved beyond belief..."

My friend Jessica Bolyard wrote this post on true friendship. "friendship is a place to safely be and become the person God uniquely designed me to be... friendship doesn't discourage differences it celebrates them." 

My Instagram friend JaynaRae posted this: "sometimes life is hard, even when it's good. And sometimes it can feel like you've lost your way, even when you're exactly where you're meant to be."

This is a post about how to schedule an entire year at once. via Paper & Oats

This post is on gentle ways to reflect on the past year.

Bethel is streaming their newest album for free for 48 hours.

Other randomness:
I signed up for SnapChat. I had to have my 13 year old teach me how to use it. #ifeeloldnow I mostly just have it so that Grayson can take selfies with the puppy ears. #truestory.

Isn't this video is just the cutest?

My teenager told me about this Harry Potter puppet video - and it is hilarious

These guys are pretty funny too. I watched several of their spicy foods challenges. Wow.

This is my favorite Instagram picture of the week

I finally re-figured-out how to host a link-up!! So we have an actual link-up widget in the post :) I hope you'll link up and visit each other's posts.

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  1. Just found you on twitter and love the idea of sharing your favourite things at the weekend!

    Have to say.. the idea of planning an entire year is terrifying! But I will try to utilise it as much as possible!

    Hannah at x