Brave the Bible Study - Week 2 recap

Today I woke up to bad news about a close family member who is currently in the hospital and no internet. Today we wandered around a bit - wandered through Target, and the Library and the park. It was a day of wandering around, which was maybe a good way to prepare for this study on Hagar and her wandering through the wilderness.

I don't know about you but I can totally relate to the idea of wandering through a wilderness. During those seasons I feel isolated. I feel lack, scarcity, I feel like I'm wandering around without direction or purpose. That is why I turn to the story of Hagar when I need to be reminded of how God responds to me in the middle of my season of wilderness.

When I feel invisible - God sees me. When I feel like no one is listening - God hears me. 

When I am in the wilderness and everything around is just sand. This is the space in which God works. He makes the wilderness into a garden. He takes a valley of dry bones and make them into an army. When all I have are ashes that is the space in which God does amazing things.  I would challenge you to respond,  in the middle of your wilderness, with worship (here is a link to my Spotify worship list) find some space in the middle of you quiet or in the middle of your loud, by yourself but especially with your brothers & sisters and worship. 

Here is the Live video from Facebook... or a link to it or something...

Here is the link to the homework for next week. See you there!


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