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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Virtual Bible Study

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So, I feel like I have more or less failed at this this #write31days challenge. I wrote for how many days? Twenty Five? Lame. That's like one week shy of the 31 days. Maybe I'll come back and fill those days in. I have got some of the material for those days... anyway. I am bravely marching forward with my journey with this study. Doing the next thing, no matter what. So I have been doing that Facebook Live thing on my blog Facebook page and today I have kicked off my "virtual Bible Study".

Today I basically just dumped the first week of homework in a link on my Facebook page. Nothing pretty or fancy. I talked for a couple of minutes about the format of the study. I talked a little bit more about the format of the study in my previous Facebook Live video. I don't know who to post a direct link to that video but it's on there, somewhere.

Basically it's just three days of homework a week and then we'll "meet" on Facebook Live once a week - on a Thursday around lunchtime, I think. You can watch the video anytime and leave comments with thoughts about the homework. You can ask questions in the comments too or send me a private message.

The plan is to do this virtual Bible Study for 4 weeks. I have 10 weeks (more or less) of material so I might do another 4-6 week virtual Bible Study again in the new year. Let me know if that is something you'd be interested in doing. The study is super-basic and my virtual Bible Study will be super un-produced, because while I looooooooooove a well-produced video series sometimes we just need to be in front of each other bare-faced and honest about the mess of our normal lives. That way we can say "me too - I thought maybe I was the only one."

So I hope that you will head over to my Facebook page and grab a copy of this week's homework. While you're there feel free to tag a friend who you would like to go through this study with.  Next Thursday (God willing) I will hop onto Facebook Live to discuss any questions you had and just my general thought process behind writing this week's material.

Can't wait to hear from you!


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