day 7: brave in the growing

I am writing this post in real time, just so you know, near the end of a day that has been crazy. 

Today, for the very first time I fixed a running toilet at my house. The water bill was totally insane last month and so I decided that I could not bear another day listening to the toilet run, listening to money literally going down the drain. So I fixed it. Which included shutting the water off for the entire house, and I feel pretty proud of myself. Like I feel like I am a person who doesn't have to wait around to have things fixed for me, I am a person who can fix them myself. I can do things. Hard things, new things.

This is awesome because I have also begun to dip my toes into the raging river of trying to get published. I anticipate having to navigate some intense rapids and probably be launched down a waterfall before I get to some type of place of calm, emotionally speaking. I spent hours last night agonizing over every word of my cover letter. I collapsed into bed last night exhausted but happy that I had done something scary and new and I stopped putting this off for another day and just did it.
So today, as I stepped well outside of my comfort zone and got busy shopping at the home improvement store and standing on my head in the bathroom, I have been thinking about Gideon and how God asked him to take one step at a time out of his comfort zone. I feel like God is doing the same thing with me, showing me that I am not exactly who I think I am, He has made me be more than I expect.

Read: Judges 6:33-7:23

How would you rate Gideon's fear now compared to when we first met him? 

How does God respond to Gideon's fear? (see 7:9-11)

Ultimately who defeated Gideon's enemies? (see 7:22)

Also See: Exodus 14:14 & Deuteronomy 1:30-31, Isaiah 30:15, Lamentations 3:25-26, Exodus 15:13, 19:4-6, Deut 3:22, 8:1-2, 32:10-12,

How does God respond to our fear and our weakness? 

Read Psalm 103 & also 2 Corinthians 4:5-7

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  1. I love this! And I am so happy about your book!

  2. "(God) has made (us) to be more than (we) expect." ...your insight is rocking my world, faith, tonight/this a.m. ~ Amen.


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