day 22: brave in the fire

Read: Daniel 3 especially notice verses 19-27)

Sometimes I take "hard" and label it "bad". I go through a few tough hours and I say "I've had a bad day." I face something I don't like and I say "too bad for me." Sometimes I can trip myself up thinking that just because something is hard and uncomfortable and pushing me to my breaking point that it is bad.

I forget that God walks with me through the fire to refine me and to burn the ropes that bind me. I forget that in the middle of the fire God is right here with me. I forget that far from abandoning me Jesus is walking right there with me.

Sometimes I find myself fighting against the hard times instead of allowing them to refine me. I freak out in the middle of the discomfort and, let's be honest, pain, because I'm afraid that this pain is here to hurt me, to harm me, to scar me for life. I love that in the verses we read at the beginning of today that the three friends didn't even smell like smoke. I'm sometimes worried that I'm going to have to walk around with the scars of this hard season right on my face but for these friends not only were they not scarred they didn't even smell like smoke. I am claiming that as a promise for me in this season. It hasn't come to scar me, it has come to free me from the ropes that bind me. The pain will birth something new in me if I would just let the pain do it's work. 

Psalm 66:10-12, 94:12-14
Zechariah 13:9
1 Peter 1:6-9
Job 23:10
Romans 5:1-5 
Hebrews 12:11 
Isaiah 43:1-7
James 1:2-4, 12 
Revelation 3:19-20

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Here is a worship video. I went to the Bethel Worship Nights in Atlanta yesterday and this was such a powerful worship song.


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