day 25: brave when the walls fall

Read: Joshua 6:12-16, 20

I don't know about you but I am not sure I would have kept going. Day after day of this walking around the city business would be pretty embarrassing to me. I guess it's a good thing that Joshua was an older man by now. He'd seen God do amazing things for His people, now he had to trust Him for a flat-out miracle. I wonder what thoughts went through Joshua's head as he detailed his battle plans to his soldiers. I wonder how it felt to circle the city day by day, waiting for those walls to fall. But fall they did. God's ways may seem upside down and inside out sometime but they are true and trustworthy.

Remember that Jericho wall you thought about the other day? What are you believing for? Do you believe that the God who caused those Jericho walls to fall is your God - right here today in the middle of your own impossible circumstances?

Here is a song to remind you heart - our God is the God of the impossible. Whether it is dry bones becoming an army, or a dry heart finding a place to stop and rest in the middle of the weary desert. Or a wall falling down. 


  1. We were in a write 31 days mastermind group together Faith, which didn't really seem to take off. So just stopping by to say hi! And hoping you enjoyed your month writing journey. :)


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