day 10: brave when I am lost

Yesterday we read about how God miraculously rescued Hagar and her unborn child 

It made me sad to read this story of Hagar, it's like she has completely forgotten her amazing experience with God when she was pregnant. She leaves Abraham and just wanders aimlessly in the wilderness. I kind of want to scream at her how could you forget!! Yet in the same breath I feel conviction because isn't that exactly what I do? 

I'm frustrated with this story because it doesn't end the way that I want it to end - it feels a little bit like Hagar took God's provision for granted and I can totally relate to that. I have for sure taken God's provision for granted, enjoying His gifts and totally forgetting the Giver. 

Here is another moment to be reminded of why I love God and why He is so worthy of our worship. He keeps both ends of the deal. When I am faithless He is faithful. He provides whether or not I believe He will, He protects whether or not I ask Him to. He leads and guides even when I'm not listening or seeking Him. When I make a mess of everything He turns my ashes into something and redeems my mess. He continues to be good to me. And that is comforting and encouraging. It's not up to me. Which makes me want to worship that much more wholeheartedly.
It's a little bit long & meditative but I promise it's such a good read.  Depending on the day or the week or the year I have wandered in the deserts of distraction and spiritual dryness, I have sat in darkness and depression, I have chased the foolishness of sin, and I have certainly weathered a storm or two, I'm guessing you have too. 
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What has God rescued you from? If you feel like you could check each box - me too!
( ) deserts
( ) darkness 
( ) foolishness of sin
( ) storms 
But what does God do for those who wander in the deserts? (see: Isaiah 35:1-7, 51:3, 55:13) 
What does God do for those who sit in the darkness? (see: Micah7:7-9, Isaiah 9:2)
How does God respond to those who are sinning? (see: Isaiah 42:5-7)
How does God act on behalf of those who are in the middle of the storms? (see: Isaiah 54:10-15)

How has God rescued you?
What is God's promise for you?

Read: Deut 31:6
"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified... for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

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  1. I've missed stopping over here friend. So so good. Deut 31:6 is such an important reminder.


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