Brave when life is comfortable

Lately I have been asking God what does it mean to be brave when... 
I'm feeling overwhelmed
I'm angry
I'm grieving 
I'm lonely 

One day earlier last week I asked God what does it mean to be brave when I feel comfortable? I was feeling very aware that the day had been a pretty easy one. I was singing "you make me brave" but my life at that moment didn't feel like it required extra bravery. 

Some days are just like this. Easy. Relaxed. How can we find our bravery on days like this? Remember that we are made for more than just to be comfortable. 

It is good to rest. It's important to remember that down-time can be very much needed, but down-time, and rest serves a purpose - it's not the goal. 

So if you my friend are feeling comfortable today, praise God who leads us beside still waters and restores our souls and then keep moving forward.

When water is still for too long it stagnates, trees that stop growing have started to rot and that can happen to us too if we are content to be comfortable. God often calls us to pause, but He never wants us to become stagnant. 

We are made for so much more than just to be comfortable. 


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